About Imam

Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha is Imam and executive director at AML Council. American Muslim Leadership Council (AML) conducts multiple recreational, educational, and spiritual activities. Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha is associated with the council for the last 5 years.

Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha lives in Kissimmee, Florida. He has been working hard in association with the AML to promote peace and prosperity in the society. They have organized multiple events, and they have conducted with community meetings to improve the situation around them.

Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha was also a part of the recent 9th bridge the gap RoundTable at the American Muslim Leadership Council Center. They focused on establishing communications, discussing the current situation and issues that the general community is facing.

There was participation from law enforcement, educators, community members, healthcare providers, and interfaith leaders.

Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha founded the bridge the gap initiative back in 2013, and it has been a great way to build a communication bridge between American Muslim Community and other people around.

Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha provides multiple services, and his featured skills include leadership, public speaking, and fundraising.

Executive director at AML Council