Qualities Of Honest Individuals

Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha
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June 21, 2018

An honest individual is clearly an individual who is honest. An honest individual is true and sincere, he never lies to anyone and always tries his best to be real to himself and everyone around him. Do you want to become an honest individual? Here are the qualities of honest individuals.

1) They are trusted by people

Honest individuals are trusted by everyone around them. There are times when people fail to trust one another. People sometimes fail to trust each other because trust needs to be built over a period of time. You cannot trust someone simply, it takes times for someone to trust another person. You need to earn the trust of people around you. Its hard to earn the trust of people these days, but it isn’t hard for honest people. Honest people are known for their honesty, they have a reputation which helps them to earn the trust of people around them. They don’t have to work too much to earn the trust of others because their honesty speaks volume.

Imam Helmi Abufarah El Agha

2) They don’t pretend

Honest people are called honest because they never lie or pretend fake. They make sure they don’t look fake. They try to be themselves all the time, they don’t care if people find them too honest, they believe in staying true to themselves and others. They don’t obsess over what people think about them. They know they aren’t doing anything wrong and they are honest.

3) They stand up for themselves

Honest people always stand up for their rights. They know that they should speak up for whats right and ask for a change when something is wrong. They don’t want to hurt anyone or get hated by others, but they can never compromise on their beliefs. Honest people state their opinions even if their opinion is against the majority of people. Most of the professionals respect honest people because an individual needs to be very convenient to speak up his mind and stand up for things that are right or wrong.

Imam Abufarah
Imam Abufarah
Imam Abufarah is Imam and Executive Director at AML Council Center. He has strong knowledge in Islamic teachings including Fiqah, Quran and Islamic History. He was born in Saudi Arabia and migrated to the United States when he was 15 years old. He also holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University at Buffalo.

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